Christopher Vaughan's Angel Place - erotic art nude and shibari / kinbaku-bi bondage photography

A boxtie (or Ushiro Takatekote) extended into a crotch (matanawa / sakura) and leg tie: shows off her ass nicely.

Christopher Vaughan's Angel Place is a feast of erotic art nude and fetish photography exploring sensual heat through cool imagery

This is a showcase of photographer Christopher Vaughan's erotic art images. Christopher is drawn to strongly sexual images that evoke acts of intimacy. Bondage and fetish elements are present in many of the photographs; Christopher is a shibari (Japanese bondage, aka kinbaku-bi) rigger himself. So you'll find rope, leather, corsets, boots, underwear, short skirts, shoes, chains and fishnet stockings in these photographs.

picture of Secret Mag's Anthology 5 collection of erotic black and white photographs

Check out the latest erotic art publication from Secret Magazine: the Fetish Photo Anthology Volume 5.

This beautiful book is crammed full of famous fetish photographers' best work - all in black and white - and also includes five photographs by Christopher Vaughan.

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